Allspan bioactiv

ALLSPAN bioaktiv

The advantages of ALLSPAN bioactive:

  • A 100% natural product
  • Horses feel safe and warm
  • and the box stays hygienic
  • No build-ups of ammonia / optimum stable climate
  • Ideal if horse suffers from coughing
  • Prevents joint injuries (no slipping)
  • Helps prevent spavin and brittle hoof
  • Less effort required
  • Less consumption of litter
  • Reduction of 70% in volume of manure (compared to straw)
  • Lower waste-disposal costs
  • Produces better dung

Reduced costs thanks to natural processes

Litter and dung disposal are cost factors that should not be underestimated. Allspan has developed a product for this purpose, which uses natural processes to help reduce the consumption of litter, resulting in smaller dung heaps. The horse manure that is produced can also be disposed of more easily and with greater cost-effectiveness.


Allspan wood chips are dried, filtered and freed of dust before being subjected to a special manufacturing process with natural micro-organism enrichment.

How does ALLSPAN bioactive work?

The micro-organisms do not become active until the wood chips come into contact with humidity. They then feed off the nitrogen-based compounds present in excrement and urine. This prevents the production of harmful ammonia gas. The nitrogen is transformed into innocuous organic compounds. The micro-organisms quickly multiply to combat possible disease-causing agents. Organisms that cause wood to decompose then use the newly-produced nitrogen compounds as a source of nutrition. This is what produces the desired bioactive basis of the process. The wood is decomposed in a sustainable way, which maintains hygiene.

ALLSPAN Benefit:

Hoof diseases

such as spavin and cancer of the hoof are often caused by insufficient stable hygiene. Dung, urine and other irritants attack the hoof tissue.

Skin inflammations

such as mallenders usually occur at the back of the pastern joint.

ALLSPAN wood chips offer great advantages in the prevention of hoof diseases and skin inflammation:

  • 100% natural product
  • Highly absorbent
  • Soaks up humidity
  • Horses feel comfortable and dry
  • Contains no foreign bodies or contaminants
  • The stable is kept in a hygienic state
  • The pH value is approximately 7.8
  • Excrement and urine can be removed in isolation
  • Prevents horses from contracting diseases
  • Horses undergoing treatment can be better cared for

Recommended use

Initial situation:
Box size approx. 3.50 m x 3.50 m.
The box should be completely mucked-out.
Spread a base consisting of approx. four bales of ALLSPAN bioactive

The bed of wood chips is initially very loose, but soon turns into a compacted, dry layer under the weight of the horse. Horse droppings should be removed from the first day onwards. From the third day onwards, humid and dry wood chips are mixed together, and the litter is levelled down once more. This is necessary to keep the litter in the box “active”. Rather than churning up the entire bed of litter, use a pitchfork three or four times a month to lift out any notably wet patches of material. About every ten days, or as required, spread between half and one bale of ALLSPAN bioactive on top of the existing bed of bioactive litter, so that the horse feels that it has a bed of fresh, soft, dry wood chips. If the box is not to be occupied by a horse for an extended period, feed the micro-organisms by slightly wetting the wood chips with a watering can. This will help ensure that your “little helpers” remain healthy and active. The bed of bioactive material can remain in the box for up to a year, after which the box should be completely mucked out and fresh litter laid. This nutrient-rich, humus-like, odour-free is suitable for immediate use as a natural fertilizer.

Type description

Raw materialUntreated softwood (100% spruce)
Dryness> 88 %
Bulk density> 50 kg/cbm
Sieve analysis> 0,5 mm more than 99 %

Packaging and delivery

Weightapprox. 25 kg
Spread volumeapprox. 550 Liter
Pressed volumeapprox. 130 Liter
PackagingPressed into rectangular bales and wrapped in PE foil
Dimensions80 x 40 x 40 cm