ALLSPAN for Pets

ALLSPAN for Pets


ALLSPAN wood fibres are the ideal litter material. They are made of 100%-natural timber from untreated, Scandinavian light spruce, and contain no chemical additives. Thanks to the efficient processes used in their manufacture, ALLSPAN wood fibres are dust-free and highly absorbent to help ensure ideal conditions for pet animals.

This finely-filtered raw material forms an excellent basis for our cat litter. The pressed-wood particles absorb both liquids and odours with equal efficiency. Thanks to its totally natural composition, this product contains no contaminants and is biodegradable, making it beneficial both to animals and humans.


The health of your pet animal is our main concern. This is why we use only wood fibres that reach the very strictest quality specifications. We seek out our raw materials with great care. Our special production techniques are designed to ensure that these natural raw materials are processed correctly. This guarantees the best-possible litter products for your pet animals.

Defending nature!

Our wood fibres are a by-product of wood processed for construction purposes. For each tree that is cut down, a new one is planted. More trees are planted in Scandinavia every year than are felled for use in the wood-processing industry. This is why we can be totally sure that the end-product is of the highest-possible quality, and why you can be sure of buying a litter product that fulfils the highest standards while respecting the environment to the full.


ALLSPAN supplies a wide range of ecologically beneficial and, above all, animal-friendly litter products. Hay and straw are likewise available in different sizes and packs. These products are supplied in small 1 kg, 2 ½ kg and 5 kg packs.

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  • 100% natural composition
  • The use of dry softwood ensures maximum absorbency
  • A pleasant and hygienic environment for your pet animal
  • High and consistent quality
  • Biodegradable

The ALLSPAN product range:


  • 1 kg, 2 ½ kg, 4 kg, 5 kg und 10 kg
  • 1 kg, 2 ½ kg und 5 kg
  • 5 kg, 15 kg und 20 kg