ALLSPAN products are made at various plants throughout Europe:

Allspan Spanverarbeitung GmbH
Südbeckenstraße 2a
76189 Karlsruhe
Tel: 0049 721 56580-0
Fax: 0049 721 56580-55

Allspan Werk Ammelshain
Bauhofstraße 1
04683 Ammelshain

Allspan France Moult
Route Saint Pierre sur Dives
F – 14370 Moult

Allspan Holding B.V.
Baron van Nagellstraat 127
NL-3771 MR Barneveld
Tel: 0031 342-425330
Fax: 0031 342-425331

Allspan Haulerwijk
Leeksterweg 63-A
NL-8433 KW Haulerwijk

Manufacturing processes

The product is made only from carefully-selected raw materials. Made exclusively of softwood (approx. 95% spruce).

We guarantee the use of only untreated wood chips.

All our manufacturing plants use a series of special production processes in the manufacture of ALLSPAN wood chips. The raw materials are stored in enclosed bulk silos, from where special extraction and conveying systems feed them into the manufacturing process.

The first task is to sieve the raw material and sort it into coarse and fine chips. At the same time, a compressed-air system strips the material of dust. The coarse and fine chips are then compressed to a fraction of their original bulk for packing and palletising. An additional process is used to compress the finest chips and dust into wood pellets and litter granules. These items are then likewise packaged and palletised.

The modern, self-contained, computer-controlled production equipment in all ALLSPAN plants ensures that large quantities of product are manufactured to consistent quality standards. The manufacturing process does not produce any waste.

The end product is of extreme, natural purity and maximum quality, and is subjected to inspection in external test laboratories.