History and philosophy

ALLSPAN has been recycling waste products from the woodworking industry for over 40 years. A responsible approach to the processing of these natural wood-waste products is part of ALLSPAN’s long-term commitment.

The excellent material characteristics and hygienic performance of untreated softwood chips are what led ALLSPAN to come to the decision to concentrate on animal-hygiene products.

The primary objective was to develop a high-quality horse litter for use in stables, and ALLSPAN launched its first product of this type, after developing special processing techniques for its manufacture, some 25 years ago. The ALLSPAN brand soon gained a reputation for outstanding quality in equine sport circles throughout Europe. ALLSPAN nowadays produces a whole range of litter products for animals large and small, and has for over ten years also been a supplier of wood pellets for use as fuel.

Construction work on the ALLSPAN production plant in Germany was started over 25 years ago, and the company now produces at seven different sites throughout the country.

All the company’s German plants are managed from ALLSPAN GmbH head office in Karlsruhe. ALLSPAN GmbH also has cooperation agreements with producers in the Netherlands.

Quality and innovation…

The ALLSPAN brand stands throughout Europe for top-class products. Constant effort is invested both in maintaining levels of quality and in improving them with the application of new techniques and innovations, so that customers enjoy maximum benefit. Apart from in-house quality control, all ALLSPAN products are subjected to trials carried out by independent testing organisation, with participation by the company in comparative testing.

Reliable and environment-friendly…

ALLSPAN enjoys long-term partnership-based relations with suppliers and dealers alike. The softwood chips come almost exclusively from FSC- and PEFC-certified timber.

Close to the customer…

Familiarity with the market is one of ALLSPAN’s top priorities. The location of plants throughout Germany permits short delivery routes, which saves the customer both transport costs and time. It also helps relieve the roads of traffic, which is good for the environment. Close cooperation with suppliers of logistics services and an extensive network of dealers likewise help to ensure fast and accurate deliveries.